Kentucky’s sport of choice is basketball. Some people even claim there are a few football teams.



Enterprise and documentary story telling. Some subjects deserve more investment.


Project Dateline Kentucky

The most regular of Kentuckians sometimes live in the most extraordinarily named towns, like Black Gnat and Barefoot, Peasticks and Picnic. We visited these towns to talk to folks who never make the paper but have volumes of stories to tell.

POYi 1st place winner, Multimedia News Story 2010


Sometimes the best way to tell a story is with audio and video. Check out a selection of multimedia here.

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Purple Martins’ Magesty

A couple of friends alerted me to this breathtaking phenomenon taking place at Hamburg Pavilion shopping center in Lexington. Thousands of migrating purple martins seem to come from nowhere as they look for a place […]

Goose Banding

New band? They’re down with that

Early in summer when geese enter their no-fly moult, Rocky Pritchert gathers volunteers and employees of the Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources for two weeks of bird-banding throughout the state.

Kentucky fans celebrate NCAA victory over Louisville

March mayhem in the Bluegrass

Kentucky fans sure like to celebrate when their Cats win. This time, in similar fashion to the 2012 tournament, fans on State Street in Lexington poured out of their houses to party in the streets.

Keeneland November Breeding Stock Sale

Million Dollar Mares

I had the privilege of photographing 8 mares ahead of the Keeneland November Breeding Stock Sale. These mares, who had extremely successful careers at racing, will go through the auction ring at Keeneland in early […]

Iron Pour

Iron pours, rains fire

Just as fireworks from Commonwealth Stadium celebrating UK’s victory over Alabama State bounced off the low clouds over Lexington, students and faculty created their own light display as they poured molten iron into wooden casts.