Covering Obama’s Inauguration

I arrived in D.C. Sunday night to cover Barack Obama’s Inauguration for McClatchy, the parent company of the Herald-Leader. It was a long drive through treacherous, icy roads and once we got to Washington, the traffic in the city was insane. It took two hours to get to the convention center to pick up credentials, and then to the McClatchy bureau.

I also learned today that my primary assignment on Tuesday is from the south window of the top of the Washington Monument. How cool is that? There will be nine photographers allowed up there and we will rotate every few minutes before having to come down.

Walking about town Sunday night, I shot a few frames of some of the imagery of Obama that I expect I’ll be seeing a lot of in the next few days. I’ll add more of some of my favorite images to this post over the next few days.


Macy's on 12th


Capitol City Brewing. They sold out of the glasses before we could get any :(


I think I'd like it if my portrait was displayed amonst diamonds and the like.

Update: Here are a few more shots from Monday. Most of my day was spent walking, but I also had to shoot an assignment for the Idaho Statesman. While I was looking for the Idahoans(?) I stumbled on the Frankfort High Schoolers – good mojo there.


Sigh. And he was waiting for me when I left my room this morning.


This was wacky. A person could have their photo taken and then get it emailed straight off of these walking MSNBC toasters.


Shirts were by far the most popular of the merchandise for sale. One dude was selling Obama condoms for $5 each. I bought a shirt for $5 instead.


More trinkets of The Man.


A man after my own heart. Everyone should take a self-portrait every once in a while.


The Constitution of the United States met us in traffic. Something's not quite right about that.

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