Tossing the birds


August 14, 2009 – Lancaster, Kentucky, USA. My homing pigeons take flight after being released for a training “toss” 30 miles from their home at sunrise. The birds, which have a natural homing ability, are driven in a car to increasing distances from their loft and released to help build their flight muscles and hone their ability to find their way home during a race. The young bird racing season, which pits birds born during this calendar year, is beginning across the country. Fanciers train their birds in hopes of gaining an edge against their competitors.

I don’t always take pictures as I release the birds, and when I do, I haven’t gotten too many photos that I like. I’m fond of this one, though.

These guys had their first race on Saturday, Aug. 22. You can see some more photos and check the results here.

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