The Battle of Perryville: A Look Back

The sunrise battle at Perryville never fails to make for great imagery. My third trip there, this time for the 150th anniversary, did not disappoint. Below are the collections of the photos from my three visits to the Battle of Perryville’s Civil War reenactment.

Battle of Perryville: 2012 – Images by David Stephenson

I particularly enjoyed making this set of images back in 2002 with an old plastic toy film camera known as a Diana. It has a very vintage look and is very unpredictable. I suppose this year I could have taken my iPhone 5 and Hipstamatic and Instagram apps and accomplish the same thing. But no, really, it wouldn’t be the same. That would be too easy.

Battle of Perryville: The Dianas – Images by David Stephenson

Battle of Perryville: 2002 – Images by David Stephenson

Battle of Perryville: 2006 – Images by David Stephenson

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