God made a photographer

Here is a little Monday morning quarterbacking after The Ravens Superbowl victory and a long night of disappointing commercials.

It took me a few 4th downs to recover my appetite after the sloppy GoDaddy kiss. But finally late into the evening, Paul Harvey’s voice, paired with stunning (mostly) still photographs, made me again stop munching on pigs in a blanket and cruising Facebook on my phone. This was THE commercial of the night.

I’m unashamed to admit my bias for the use of fantastic still photos, especially as a contrast to the fast paced video we normally get. The stills were complemented so perfectly with the great writing and voice of the legendary Harvey.

Later, while reading the chorus of cheers from my photographer-dominated Facebook feed, I was directed to look at the original version of the video which was produced by Farms.com.

Now here’s the rest of the story. If there were ever a commercial made to “sell” the value of professional grade still photos, this would have to be it. For a direct comparison, just watch these two videos. Really, just watch the first 15 seconds and you’ll see and feel the difference.

So the next time you think “good enough” is good enough, think about why God made photographers. Today after the Superbowl, Dodge knows why.

Here is the original Farms.com version

Here is the Dodge Superbowl version

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